Who We Are

Flores Chiropractic Group is a full service chiropractic establishment specializing in taking care of you, and your health care needs. We also offer different services in the occupational health field in the form of wellness consulting for companies of all sizes in different industries.

We have a team of professionals worthy of trust and confidence who are fully committed to providing you with the best care possible and nothing less, be it an examination, treatment, or advice on how to improve your, or your employees, well being. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Manuel Enrique Flores, DC

Dr. Manuel Enrique Flores

Personal Philosophy

Dr. Manuel Enrique Flores is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with professional licenses to practice in the states of New York and Florida. A big believer in the importance of looking at the body as a whole and the interdependence of its parts, Dr. Flores supports the scientific fact that by maintaining a healthy nervous system, patients will have a higher quality of life and improved function of all body systems. As an avid runner and triathlete for over 25 years, he is passionate about getting his patients interested in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Dr. Flores is no stranger to compassionate care. He has the experience of being a volunteer working with blind children at Miami’s Lighthouse for the Blind, and as a team Chiropractor for underprivileged youth track teams in Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Flores’ background in positions of trust, confidence, and leadership roles as a former U. S. Marine and Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service, provided the perfect foundation for his ethical, no non-sense approach to patient care. Patients of his repeatedly state that he actually listens to them, and that he demonstrates a genuine interest in their overall wellbeing.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Flores holds degrees from Texas Chiropractic College in Houston and the University of Miami. He is a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association and National Chiropractic Council. He has worked as part of a team of doctors in establishments located in Aventura and Miami handling a number of different cases ranging from personal injury to nutritional counseling.

Dr. Flores spent time as a self practitioner on New York City’s 5th Avenue, and was a Professor at The Swedish Institute’s College of Health Sciences in Manhattan, where he taught the subjects of Neurology, Anatomy, and Physiology.

He’s been featured on Telemundo and PBS en Español television networks as a health expert on neck and back pain, and has worked with the American Chiropractic Association in the translation of patient health information fact sheets.

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A hospital rotation in the specialties of neurosurgery, rheumatology, and internal medicine at Texas Medical Center in Houston gave him the exposure to better understand the plight of the human body when attempting to combat disease.