What Our Patients Say

BryanDr. Enrique and Bryan

I had initially dropped out of Boston training/competition in December 2012 when an MRI of my hip showed an avulsion fracture that had happened 2 years earlier. I was distraught and depressed over my decision to drop out. I had a cortisone shot for the first time in my life around this time at the Cleveland Clinic. It was super painful and didn’t seem to help much but I also took 45-60 days of no running which helped but I wasn’t addressing the root imbalances in strength and flexibility that were causing my issues. What really helped me get back on the “fast track” is the quality of care I received at Flores Chiropractic Group in Miami from Dr. Enrique Flores, himself a marathon runner.

I started receiving treatments from Dr. Flores in early Feb 2013. I quickly realized after a few treatments that I could run pain-free again and running Boston was realistic. I completed Boston, achieving my 2nd fastest ever marathon at 2:42:02. Thank you for everything Dr. Flores. He will take great care of you! There is no greater gift to a runner than getting them to a starting line healthy and confident!


MelissaMy name is Melissa and have been a patient of Dr. Flores for the past few months. So that you can understand how vital Dr. Flores’ treatment has been to my success I must first explain how it all began. Two years ago after having my fifth child; I had hit my all time high weight-wise. I realized I needed to do something in order to get the weight off and keep it off. I began walking and over the last 11 months I worked my way up to running and have lost a total of 40lbs.

After my third time running (non-stop) I experienced the numbing of my left leg. I went to specialists and had an MRI to try and figure out what was happening to me. I was told that I was a “phenomenon.” This answer was unacceptable to me because I thoroughly enjoy running and NEEDED to figure out what was going on with my body and most importantly how to fix it so I could accomplish my goal of running a marathon.

I began running with a fabulous group (more like a family) called iRunCompany where Dr. Flores is not only a runner but also the only chiropractor trusted by this great group of runners. When I met Dr. Flores the first time he was very attentive and informative. As a veteran runner himself, he explained what was going on with me when I run and assured me he could help. After only 2 sessions, I ran 15.5 miles!! My leg went numb around mile 8 (which was 6 more miles than before).

When I told Dr. Flores the news he was incredibly happy and I thanked him for all of his help. A week later (after my third session) I ran 10miles and I am proud to say my leg did not go numb!! I am so incredibly proud of myself and extremely thankful to Flores Chiropractor Group PA!!! If you are looking for a chiropractor who truly cares about you well being and is interested in helping you then Dr. Flores is definitely who you need to see.


AndreaDr. Flores got me running “PAIN FREE” in 2 weeks…so grateful, I was frustrated and worried about not being able to run more than 3 miles and his help made the difference. Dr. Flores was very patient and caring to answer all of my questions and concerns and his guidance as an experienced athlete, definitely help me get to the next level as a runner. Excellent team and nice office environment.


DeniseWhat a wonderful experience it is to see Dr. Flores! My husband and 13 year old daughter feel the same. Dr. Flores is patient and thorough. He really took the time to listen and understand our issues and prescribed a very individualized treatment plan for each of us. After only two treatments I feel so much better. An triathlete himself, Dr. Flores understands issues that can be brought about by multitude of exercises. His office staff are warm and the treatment is worthy of a good spa…nice bonus!


I have been treated by Dr. Flores for a couple years now for regular maintenance treatments, as well as more acute back issues.  I never regret taking the time to see him.  He really cares and takes an incredible amount of time to understand the physical issues I have.  I get results and appreciate the depth of experience he brings to the table.  I love the fact that he’s a long distance runner – he applies those experiences to help patients.  Enrique is a special practitioner!!  Oh…my three kids love to see Dr. E!!  They giggle and laugh when treated.  He “gets” kids too!