Professional Services

Personal Injury

Are you the owner of a medical facility or an attorney and need a doctor to examine your patients/clients? We can perform initial, follow up, and/or final examinations providing you with a detailed report of the exam findings and recommended therapeutic modalities needed to get your patient/client back to pre-injury status. We also provide prescriptions for the necessary diagnostic imaging studies in order to ensure that no significant injuries have been sustained by your patient. Flores Chiropractic Group has many years of combined experience handling personal injury cases.

D.O.T. (Department of Transportation)

Need a CDL Medical Exam? The Department of Transportation requires that all Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) holders receive periodic physical examinations. Officially called a “Department of Transportation Medical Examination,” it ensures that the driver can safely operate a commercial vehicle. Our doctors are fully competent to perform CDL exams. We complete all the appropriate paperwork that becomes part of our client’s private records.

Independent Medical Examination

An Independent Medical Examination is an examination where the doctor will determine causal relationship, medical status and the appropriateness of a medical treatment plan. The medical opinions rendered are based upon the clinical assessment and review of medical records. An objective medical assessment will assist companies in determining claim compensability and/or liability, restrictions and limitations, employability or disability status. The evaluation is deemed “independent” because we are private practitioners who are neither the examinee’s treating physician nor an employee of the client who requests the evaluation.

Peer Reviews

A Medical Peer Review is a process whereby our physicians evaluate the quality of work performed by our colleagues, in order to determine compliance with accepted health care standards. This review is generally a retrospective consideration by a medical professional of equal standard. Our doctors are sought after by local, as well as, national companies to perform this type of service.

H.R. Support (Lunch and Learn)

“Lunch and Learn” seminars can inspire and ignite excitement in employees to change habits and team up with fellow colleagues to make serious health changes. We welcome the opportunity to maximize your company’s productivity by helping the very source of that productivity: your employees. We offer “Lunch and Learn” sessions in which your employees will learn how to prevent work related musculoskeletal injuries. Perhaps the greatest value of this service is that this will enable you to achieve and maintain an exceptional safety record, lower your worker’s compensation insurance modification rate, and remain extremely competitive in your bidding process for the services you provide to other companies. Dr. Flores has extensive presentation experience having taught at The Swedish Institute’s College of Health Sciences in Manhattan. He has been featured on Telemundo and “PBS en Español” television networks as a health expert on neck and back pain.